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What’s New: Acceptance Report Enhancements

By July 14, 2022 No Comments

Acceptance Report Enhancements

We’re excited to provide new enhancements to Buildup this July that are focused on adding customizations and streamlining your existing signoff workflow with our Acceptance Reports improvements. 

The new enhancements to Acceptance Reports will allow you to:

  • Customize your reports by adding custom signature titles, disclaimers, and notes for individual reports
  • Get faster project signoff from owners and other parties at once 
  • Access your Acceptance Reports log on the web for future reference

Mobile Acceptance Reports Improvements

With the latest release, Buildup will allow project admins to get multiple signoffs at once. Follow the same steps on the mobile app to create an Acceptance Report, and you’ll now have an option to add multiple individuals to sign off on the same report. 

We also added to the ability to customize your reports by adding custom disclaimers, signature titles, and even notes for each individual report in the mobile app. With these improvements you’ll be able to tailor your report to your specific needs and provide additional context to owners as part of the signoff process allowing you to communicate more effectively to close out your projects faster. 

Web Acceptance Reports 

Do you need to access previous Acceptance Reports or are you unsure if you sent an Acceptance Report? Buildup now has web capabilities to view existing Acceptance Reports you’ve previously created. This new enhancement will help you keep your own records of your project completion for future reference. 

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