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Our Industry

Construction productivity has been on a steady decline since the 80’s, in stark contrast to other industries such as manufacturing, which has nearly doubled over the same time period.

The use of paper documentation and manual spreadsheets is the norm at many construction sites, which limits productivity across the industry. Collaboration and communication between owners/ developers, general contractors and subcontractors has been very poor and performance management has been dismal at best. Reporting inconsistencies and the absence of “one source of truth” mean that construction stakeholders are not on the same page in terms of how a project is progressing. Meanwhile, unresolved issues keep piling up because of lack of communication and accountability.

Our Story

In addition to construction productivity challenges, existing construction technology software in the market was not user-friendly.  This drove subcontractors, a critical group in the entire construction project process, to distance themselves from such technology.

Construction productivity could be improved if only all stakeholders in the construction project—owners, developers, construction teams, general contractors AND subcontractors would all be on the same platform, and actually communicating and collaborating with each other.

Buildup Co-Founder Yael Sherman imagined this world and developed Buildup, a mobile and web-based app that facilitates communication among project managers, contractors, and other construction site personnel. The app features digital to-do lists, quality control monitoring, and automated task assignments.

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“Our customers are continually using Buildup to make job sites more efficient and collaborative, while also gaining newfound insight into critical and timely data during the execution stage of construction projects during which most of their budget is spent.”

Yael Sherman


The All-inclusive Solution

Buildup was developed not just for developers and general contractors, but ALSO for subcontractors.

Its intuitive design, simple user interface and the platform’s ability to speak and translate to the language of subcontractors has led to up to 80% subcontractor adoption. This is a strikingly different contrast from other platforms which have close to zero subcontractor adoption.

On projects where there is subcontractor adoption and usage, the closeout time is 44% faster compared to projects where there is no subcontractor adoption.

Finally, collaboration in jobsite construction is becoming a reality. The future of collaboration in construction is here.

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