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Streamlining jobsite collaboration between construction teams.

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For teams that manage construction projects, Buildup is a jobsite collaboration platform that streamlines communication, task management and issue resolution between owners/developers, general contractors and subcontractors.

What is jobsite collaboration?

Jobsite collaboration is a category of construction technology that enables construction developers and owners to streamline communication and issue resolution between all construction stakeholders—owners/developers, project managers, general contractors and subcontractors—in the jobsite.

What is jobsite collaboration

A good jobsite collaboration platform should provide

Real-time communication

Live, timely and instant ongoing communication with construction project team members and subcontractors, preventing things from falling through the cracks.

Airtight documentation

Where the norm is paper and pen documentation which can easily get lost, or phone calls where there is no documentation at all, having a jobsite collaboration platform captures all back and forth communication, complete with paper trail that construction team members can reference back to later if needed.

Adoption by all project stakeholders

Getting all the stakeholders on board, especially having subcontractors in the mix allows everyone to be on the same page and looking at one “source of truth”.

Tracking and analyzing real data

Because data flows immediately back and forth and is captured digitally, construction project decision makers have access to project insights they have never had before, and can therefore make better construction decisions.

Time savings and efficiency

Jobsite project team members are able to work more efficiently instead of waiting for instructions or figuring out next steps.  This leads to time savings that allows more time spent on high value activities.

Without Buildup

without jobsite collaboration

With Buildup

with jobsite collaboration

What it is NOT

Just a punch list

While a jobsite collaboration platform includes a punch list module, it is far from just being a punch list. It is used during the full duration of the construction project. It includes safety and quality management, issue resolution management, tracking and acceptance reports. More importantly, it has thousands of aggregated data points that provide project insights and analytics, empowering construction decision makers to make better decisions.

A solution that only benefits one of the construction project stakeholders

For jobsite collaboration to be truly effective, it should benefit all construction project stakeholders. Owners/developers benefit from having a 10,000 foot view of the project including easy understanding of how a project is progressing and the ability to communicate with general contractors. GCs also benefit from being able to communicate with all the tiers of the construction project, documenting all issues and assigning critical and deferred tasks. Subcontractors benefit from having all issues and tasks prioritized and instant communication and feedback from GCs.

Just a back office tool

A back office tool is used in the office. A jobsite collaboration platform is used by developers/owners AND GC teams AND Subcontractors at the actual jobsite. We bring the platform to areas where it never was before — at the actual jobsite. A jobsite collaboration tool is never detached from reality and the workers in the field.

A solution that delivers value without effort

A jobsite collaboration platform is not a magical tool that will automatically solve all construction-related issues. Commitment and everyday usage from construction teams and all jobsite stakeholders is critical in order to reap its benefits. We have seen that teams implementing usage by GC’s and subcontractors will benefit the most from shorter closeout time during their projects.

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