Customizable Checklists

Construction checklists available on mobile, tablet and web so you never miss any safety and quality checks.

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Buildup’s construction checklist module organizes by project, by unit and by priority, providing easy visibility to project managers, superintendents and subs. This feature is available whether you are using your iPhone, Android, tablet or web.

Construction checklist for regular activities like dailies and safety

Buildup’s quality and safety checklists keep everybody on the same page, eliminating unnecessary trips to the site data loss.

Personalized alerts

Issue alerts are specific to your role at the job site so you only get alerts that are relevant to you.

Easily enter multiple calls to action

Whether you want your construction checklist to include adding a photo, a signature, a date, or any other action item, Buildup’s customized checklists give you that flexibility.

Automates current processes

Creates one-touch chain of instant notifications and up-to-the-minute trade specific actions.

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Some of our happy customers:

Some of our happy customers: