How Hoar Cut Time Spent on Issue Resolution in Construction in Half

The Project

Latitude Med Center is a new, 35-story, 375-unit multifamily high-rise building in Houston, TX, being built by Hoar Construction.

The Challenge

Due to the large project size of the Latitude Med Center,  there are thousands of issues which would translate into over 500 phone calls a week.  If the Super walked into every single unit and called someone every time something was out of line, he would get through only 2-3 units a day.

The Solution

Hoar Construction implemented Buildup in order to better communicate between the general contractor and the trade partners, and resolve issues quickly as a result.  Mike Kleinman, Superintendent of Hoar Construction, found Buildup to be quick and exceptionally simple to use. “It’s really easy to use, it’s quick. It pulls up and you got your portal, you punch in, you go straight to the unit.  I like how I was able to upload all my units and my floor plan. As I’m walking I’m dropping my pin where I find the issues which makes it easier for me to track.”

Buildup enables him to significantly cut time spent on creating issues by approximately 50%.  Buildup automatically sends the issues to the people he needs to communicate with (the subs) at the end of the day, which removes the extra work of printing out a report and giving it to them or summarizing a report into an email.

“Using Buildup has replaced my 500 phone calls a week and facilitates into one report per week that I can give to my trades or send to them and they can take care of what they need to take care of. It takes half the time to create issues with Buildup.”

Mike Kleinman, Superintendent

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