Return on Investment

Construction teams have seen huge gains and ROI from jobsite collaboration.

Owners/ developers and general contractors can expect four critical benefits when using Buildup’s jobsite collaboration, especially because subcontractors are actively involved in construction collaboration.


Faster average closeout time


Higher quality


Less time spent on inspections


More time spent on higher value activities


Faster average closeout time

In an analysis of over 90,000 issues, closeout time was 44% faster when subcontractors were actively involved in jobsite collaboration.


Less time spent on inspections

Buildup jobsite collaboration platform has helped do away with pen and paper and turn to digital and automated documentation, reducing inspection time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes per space — a 67% time savings on inspection time.    


Less issues per project during turnover

There was a direct impact on quality where there were 80% less issues per project during turnover, while there was 3x more issues documented.


More time to do higher value add activities

Companies have also reported that use of Buildup jobsite collaboration has given their project managers 25% of their day back to do higher value add activities.

Finally, collaboration in jobsite construction is becoming a reality.

The future of collaboration in construction is here.

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