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Buildup is a field construction app that makes everybody more efficient

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Saving Your Projects Costs and Time

Buildup is a field construction application that delivers the capabilities on-site personnel need to do their jobs efficiently, while giving project managers and quality control teams visibility they need to execute projects effectively

An Intuitive Interface

With Buildup, on site personnel easily document issues on their mobile devices. Using speech-to-text and photos, issues that used to take a few minutes to log can now be recorded in seconds

Automated Assignment and Approval of Tasks

Tasks are automatically assigned through the Buildup app. Once a task is completed, the entire approval process is also done through the app. No more waiting around for approvals or to find out what to do next.

Visibility for All

Buildup keeps everybody on the same page with up-to-date status of all tasks for a project. This eliminates unnecessary trips to a site for project managers or quality control since they know exactly what is done and what is not.

Buildup on every device

Buildup provides you with all the tools you need to help you manage your construction project onsite on your smartphone, tablet or via the web on any computer, while providing both dramatic savings to your project's overall cost and time it will take to be completed.


Issues are easily recorded and tracked.

Quality control

Issues are easily recorded and tracked.

Task management

Tasks are easily recorded and tracked.


Tasks are automatically assigned, understanding key dependencies.


Blueprints are available to view and issues can be easily associated with them.

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