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Collaboration Between Procore & Buildup Made Easy Through Procore’s Open API

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This content on the collaboration between Procore and Buildup was originally posted on the Procore blog.

Buildup is a jobsite collaboration platform that streamlines communication between owners/developers, general contractors and subcontractors. Buildup is used by up to 70% of subcontractors for issue management, and yields a 44% faster closeout time, compared to when subcontractors are not involved in the project. From the time of its inception, Buildup has been on a mission to help the construction industry become more efficient and productive by enabling collaboration between all construction technology stakeholders.

In order to help our customers become successful, it was critical to understand their needs and pain points. Early on in the product life cycle, we found that most of our users were also using Procore. In addition, Procore and Buildup had a lot of synergies and worked very well together, the former widely used in the back office and the latter in the jobsite for collaboration and issue resolution. If only our customers could access data from both systems, it would make construction stakeholders work faster and more efficient. This was the primary reason our development team prioritized developing an integration with Procore – made simple through Procore’s open API and AppMarketplace.

The integration has been long awaited by customers of Buildup and Procore. “We are very excited that these high quality vendors of ours are working together,” said Rolando Jaime of Millcreek Residential Trust. “We use both of them and now we have seamless access to our construction project management and our issue management, where we are able to collaborate and communicate effectively.”

Benefits of the Buildup and Procore integration

Our customers gain three main benefits with the Buildup and Procore integration:

  1. Setup and onboarding is significantly faster because Buildup automatically pulls data from Procore, eliminating the need for double entry into each system.
  2. The integration makes using construction technology so much easier for customers, as the same data is available on both platforms.
  3. Set up with synced accuracy is done in a matter of seconds versus days.

How the integration works in 5 simple steps:

  1. Simply select the “Import” button to connect to Procore and find the list of projects in Procore.
  2. Select project to be imported from Procore.
  3. Select subcontractor information to import.
  4. Select users to import.
  5. Review information to be imported and select “Import.”

For more information, visit the Procore Marketplace or

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