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Buildup Help Center & Best Practices Guide

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Buildup Help Center & Best Practices

Are you new to Buildup? We’ve put together numerous articles and a Best Practices guide for new users. We’ve created an FAQ section from our support team and composed articles with easy to follow instructions for all of your Buildup questions.

You can find advice and answers, including helpful videos from the Buildup team here:

Let us know your feedback! We’ll continue to update content as we develop new features and receive more feedback. Is something missing? Have more questions? Let us know, and we’ll answer your questions!



How Corigin Real Estate Group used Buildup to cut their punch list time in half

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SAN FRANCISCOJuly 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Corigin, a privately held holding company specializing in real estate (Corigin Real Estate) and venture capital (Corigin Ventures) in Manhattan, recently completed construction at 20 East End in New York City’s Upper East Side. The building includes 41 condominium residences including townhomes and two penthouses. Buildup was implemented for the project’s punch list process and will be incorporated throughout turnover to homeowners when they’re ready to move in and occupy the residences. Buildup is an onsite collaboration app, currently used by over 50 real estate developers and general contractors nationwide, used to improve task management, punch lists and reporting.

Before implementing Buildup, Corigin’s standard punch list process was tedious and time consuming. Steve Schroeder, a Project Manager for Corigin, oversaw this process. Tasks were handwritten while on site. After returning to his office, Steve would organize punch list tasks in a spreadsheet based on his site visit notes. Each task to be completed would be discussed with subcontractors in person to further elaborate on details including the location of tasks as well as priority.

Over time, subcontractors requested a collaborative process so they could provide comments and timely updates. This posed a challenge, as it was difficult to track changes made by subcontractors without any type of specialized software. They also weren’t able to associate the task with an exact location or view photos to see the condition of the task.

With Buildup, Steve created and assigned all tasks during his inspection while still on site. Subcontractors were immediately notified of tasks and automatically reminded when tasks were overdue via a daily summary email. The tasks had more detail including photos with markups, the location on a floorplan, and a due date. For the first time, subcontractors easily communicated timely status updates without requiring in-person meetings. With the automated language translation feature they could also respond in their preferred language.

Steve Schroeder said, “With Buildup, the time required to complete the punch list process was cut by 50%. All tasks were automatically documented, and all data could be downloaded for the project’s historic records.”

Buildup will also be utilized for turnover to homeowners after the sale of the property. Homeowners will receive all data in a report showing that all final tasks have been completed.

To learn more about Buildup go to and request a free demo.

CONTACT: [email protected]

On Demand Webinar: How To Select Your Tech – A Step-by-Step Process For Finding Solutions Your Team Will Use and Love

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This presentation covers the best practices for selecting construction technology, examples of evolving applications available for construction, and how to make it work with your company’s current processes, budget and technology.

Learning Objectives: 

o Understand how to help your Company analyze technology needs, select solutions, and successfully implement new tech systems. 

o Learn how to increase your team’s productivity with technology.

The webinar will end with a demo of Buildup’s new features and integration.

On Demand Webinar: 3 Easy-to-Implement Lean Construction Techniques

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While the concept of lean construction has been gaining momentum, execution and implementation remains a challenge.  In this webinar, McCarthy’s Corporate Lean Manager, Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, will discuss:

–       Lean construction principles and philosophy

–       3 simple techniques to implement lean construction

The webinar will be followed up by a quick product demo of Buildup, the easiest punch list and task management software for construction.

Buildup’s New Sequencing Capability Makes Task Management in Construction Easier

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PALO ALTO, Calif.Sept. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Buildup Technologies, the maker of the easiest to use punch listtask management and inspections software for construction today announced the release of its Sequencing feature to its mobile and web software platform.  Buildup is the only construction software with real sequencing capabilities, which allows construction professionals to more effectively manage tasks and issues within their construction project.

On Demand Webinar: Designing the Perfect Mobile Device Program for Your Company

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Speaker: Rob McKinney, ConAppGuru, Consultant and Thought Leader at JBKnowledge









Most construction companies understand the importance of mobile technology, but many don’t know where to begin when it comes to a mobile strategy. In this presentation, Rob McKinney brings decades of experience implementing mobile technology on construction projects to discuss how companies can outline their mobile challenges, identify needs and draft a streamlined plan for solving them.

Checklist per unit for construction inspections

Buildup Introduces New “Checklist Per Unit” Feature To Make Construction Inspections More Efficient

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PALO ALTO, Calif.Aug. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Buildup Technologies, the maker of the easiest to use punch list and task management software for construction, today announced the addition of the Checklist Per Unit feature to its mobile and web offering.  With this simple, yet powerful product feature, Buildup has digitized the process of inspections, enabling construction professionals to save even more time in completing their required inspections.

Anytime there is a standardized inspection, whether it is for safety, punch list or quality assurance, construction professionals can take advantage of using Checklist Per Unit.  Construction professionals simply upload one checklist.  Different unit types will be populated with their appropriate checklists automatically, after a short set up process.