On Demand Webinar: How To Select Your Tech – A Step-by-Step Process For Finding Solutions Your Team Will Use and Love

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This presentation covers the best practices for selecting construction technology, examples of evolving applications available for construction, and how to make it work with your company’s current processes, budget and technology.

Learning Objectives: 

o Understand how to help your Company analyze technology needs, select solutions, and successfully implement new tech systems. 

o Learn how to increase your team’s productivity with technology.

The webinar will end with a demo of Buildup’s new features and integration.

On Demand Webinar: 3 Easy-to-Implement Lean Construction Techniques

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While the concept of lean construction has been gaining momentum, execution and implementation remains a challenge.  In this webinar, McCarthy’s Corporate Lean Manager, Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, will discuss:

–       Lean construction principles and philosophy

–       3 simple techniques to implement lean construction

The webinar will be followed up by a quick product demo of Buildup, the easiest punch list and task management software for construction.

On Demand Webinar: Designing the Perfect Mobile Device Program for Your Company

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Speaker: Rob McKinney, ConAppGuru, Consultant and Thought Leader at JBKnowledge









Most construction companies understand the importance of mobile technology, but many don’t know where to begin when it comes to a mobile strategy. In this presentation, Rob McKinney brings decades of experience implementing mobile technology on construction projects to discuss how companies can outline their mobile challenges, identify needs and draft a streamlined plan for solving them.

On Demand Webinar: How Greystar Efficiently Ensures ADA Accessibility Compliance

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Learn how Greystar efficiently ensures ADA and FHA accessibility compliance.









In this webinar, Greystar QA Manager Jason Bohannon will discuss best practices on ADA accessibility compliance, including the following:

  • What is the importance of ADA compliance and how can it affect your job-site?
  • What are the key steps in ADA compliance?
  • How can you be more efficient as you go about ensuring ADA compliance?

On Demand Webinar: Improving Communication and Preventing Construction Project Delays

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How do you track your projects’ progress, to make sure they are on time and you are preventing construction project delays?  In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Tools and methods to track project progress
  • Strategies on how to be efficient in communicating with subs
  • Hacks to manage and shorten the punch list and closeout process
  • A quick demo of Buildup
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